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The Addy Foundation Partners With Builders of Hope CDC With $125K Investment in Affordable Housing

The Addy Foundation, led by President Ben Leal, makes first time investment in affordable housing

Dallas, TX: Builders of Hope Community Development Corporation (BOHCDC) announced a new partnership with The Addy Foundation. This partnership will fund a new initiative, Build a Better Dallas. It also is the first affordable housing investment by The Addy Foundation. Build a Better Dallas centers on the economic mobility crisis in Dallas.

“Investments into affordable housing is the bedrock for building a resilient and equitable city. That is why I am overjoyed by the generous investment from The Addy Foundation toward Builders of Hope’s mission of increasing economic mobility through safe and quality affordable housing. The partnership between The Addy Foundation and Builders of Hope Community Development Corporation will seek to increase access to affordable housing, use data to help assist in revitalizing neighborhoods, and increase financial literacy in Dallas.”

Build a Better Dallas will focus on three service issue areas:

  • Access- 300 affordable housing units in the next five years, focusing on single-family development, creating housing in high opportunity areas.

  • Revitalization- data from five local neighborhoods to strengthen revitalization efforts and organizing local community associations.

  • Financial literacy- establish a Homestead Preservation Center to protect, promote, and preserve affordable housing in the city of Dallas. Also, graduate 3,000 potential homeowners from our Homeownership Training Institute.

“Builders of Hope and The Addy Foundation align in that both organizations envision communities rich in opportunities. Creating asset wealth for low-income families while contributing to the tax base will assist in surrounding revitalization”, says Ben Leal, President at The Addy Foundation. In addition, Leal explains how the partnership supports The Addy Foundation’s mission. “The Addy Foundation provides timely, meaningful support to organizations fostering innovative and proven solutions that best serve those in need. Builders of Hope is one such organization that is providing critical housing solutions to the Dallas area.”

To learn more about Builders of Hope CDC, visit for more information.



BUILDERS OF HOPE Community Development Corporation is a multifaceted community development organization devoted to transforming Dallas by building strong communities and energy-efficient quality affordable homes. Over the past 20 years, BOH CDC has been a leader in creating and sustaining equitable and affordable housing through single-family development, community engagement, and policy. The approach we take to community development consists of three strategies – revitalization of areas that are experiencing suppressed land values due to lack of public investment; stabilization of communities undergoing gentrification marked by fast pace increase in land values; and diversification of mixed-income housing in areas where affordable housing is limited or nonexistent. Through these strategies and grassroots community engagement, we have produced over 500 homes, be a partner in building four major subdivisions, and have generated nearly $45M in wealth for families in South, East, and West Dallas.


The Addy Foundation was formed in 2015 by Bill and Lydia Addy to further their long history of philanthropy and volunteerism in the North Texas region. Bill and Lydia have designated The Addy Foundation as a legacy foundation with the hope that it will outlive them and continue serving the region for generations to come. The Addy Foundation, which is invitation-only, primarily serves the North Texas region in Civics and Community Engagement, Culture, Education, Health and Social Services. Our mission is to provide timely, meaningful support to organizations fostering innovative and proven solutions that best serve those in need. Visit The Addy Foundation at

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