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Neighborhood policy that's truly neighbor-led. 

"The West Dallas & Harold Simmons Park Community Vision (Plan) is a grassroots, community-led vision and platform for neighborhood policy and investment throughout West Dallas."

Over the past decade, West Dallas has attracted massive real estate and economic investment that has brought millions of dollars into its 15 neighborhoods. While this investment presents opportunities, it is not always aligned with resident needs and priorities.


The adopted plans in this area have not kept pace with neighborhood change. This is a challenge for residents, who are stretched thin to assert their needs across dozens of zoning, education, transportation, and planning conversations, as well as the public and private entities working in this geography.


The result is a persistent gap between resident needs and developer and public sector activities, despite many well-intentioned efforts.

It’s time to bridge that gap and create a shared, equitable vision for the future of West Dallas,

including land use, economic development, housing, education, transportation, and the



This values-based community Plan that can drive future policy and investment decisions in 3 key ways:

● Informing City of Dallas adopted plans, including the upcoming City Comprehensive Plan.

● Informing future Community Benefit Agreements (CBA's) in this area.

● Increasing resident leadership/capacity for advocacy to advance the Plan.


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The Vision Plan

A grassroots, community-led vision.


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A neighborhood plan for West Dallas.


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