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About the WDCVP

The West Dallas Community Vision Plan (WDCVP) is a collaborative, community-led initiative to inform future investment and development in a way that meets community needs and reduces displacement. Past area plans and initiatives have not always reflected resident priorities and desires, leading to new developments that have felt less and less inclusive. This plan is the West Dallas community’s opportunity to change that. 

The WDCVP is a grassroots, community-driven process to create an inclusive, unified vision for West Dallas’ future. The plan will be completed in two phases: PHASE I (2021 - 2022) encompassed Community-wide Visioning and Priority-Setting while PHASE II (2022 - 2023) will focus on Plan Drafting, Adoption and Implementation. 

The Plan is spearheaded by Builders of Hope CDC in partnership with the West Dallas Community, represented by a Steering Committee of 17 West Dallas resident leaders who hail from 12 distinct neighborhoods across West Dallas. An Advisory Committee comprised of subject-matter experts across the public, private and nonprofit sectors provided additional oversight.

Community Vision Platform

The West Dallas Community Vision Platform was created to synthesize and amplify the voice of the West Dallas community and to serve as the foundation of the forthcoming West Dallas Community Vision Plan. The Vision Platform engaged a broad, representative segment of the community in order to create a comprehensive community vision for neighborhood policy and investment throughout West Dallas.


The seven community-driven goals and priorities laid out in the Vision Platform were developed under the leadership of an incredible Steering Committee made up of 17 West Dallas residents who went above and beyond to reach out to their neighbors, schools, churches, and community centers to find answers. They were supported by hundreds of residents over a series of large and small public conversations and advised by a team of technical experts across the business, civic and public sectors. They are the true heroes and driving force behind this work and the Vision Platform could not have happened without their leadership.

WDCVP Phase I Steering Committee

  • Jocelyn Carillo 

  • Alejandro Cervantes 

  • Norma R. Chairez 

  • Kentree Davis

  • Eduardo Diaz

  • Lisa Jo Garcia

  • Latedra Gladney

  • Dr. Emmanuel Glover, Jr. 

  • Connie Gonzalez

  • Donna Harrington

  • Sharon Howard

  • Brenda Kennedy Shelton

  • Ronnie Mestas

  • Brenda Pegues

  • Starlet Ramirez

  • Debbie Solis

  • Sonya Tubbs

WDCVP Phase I Advisory Committee

  • Victoria Almazan 

  • Kathy Acosta

  • Jeff Blanks

  • Kimberly Cousin

  • Frank DeLeon

  • Tracy German

  • Pastor R. Mark Grace

  • Carlton Oby

  • Ilknur Ozgur

  • Raul Reyes, Jr. 

  • Jim Reynolds

  • Katherine Homan

  • Trey Hoobler

  • Dr. Myriam Igoufe

  • Marion Jackson

  • Henry Martinez

  • Mallory Muse

  • Sarah Cotton Nelson

  • Clive Ryan 

  • John Sabine

  • Victor Toledo

  • Dr. Bradford Williams

Read the full West Dallas Community Vision Platform in English and in Spanish at the links below!


Community Vision Plan


Phase II of the West Dallas Community Vision Plan process will focus on developing and publishing an implementation plan for the Vision Platform to actualize the seven goals and community priorities identified in Phase I.


The Phase I goals and priorities will be re-organized into four central pillars: 1) Community Health & Wellness, 2) Educational Excellence & Economic Opportunity, 3) Equitable Housing, Land Use & Development, and 4) Safe, Stable and Empowered Neighborhoods.


The Steering and Advisory Committees will be consolidated into one WDCVP Phase II Taskforce and assigned to separate working groups to identify and reach out to potential community partners/ collaborators and to develop potential implementation strategies for each of the four pillars.


Want to get involved?

The WDCVP Phase II Taskforce is currently recruiting West Dallas residents and stakeholders!

Please send inquiries to

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